Bunker Supply Trader Team Leader

Redstone Commodity Search has been exclusively engaged by the bunker trading team of a rapidly expanding oil conglomerate, which has made 35 strategic trading hires within the past 3 years. In line with their ambitious expansion plan, our client seeks a seasoned leader to oversee their global marine fuel supply team.

Key Responsibilities / Tasks

  • Lead and oversee the marine fuel supply team, ensuring efficient execution of marine fuel cargo trades across diverse global markets to support the expansion of our client’s marine fuel operations
  • Utilize a well-established and transferrable customer portfolio within the marine cargo fuel sector, specifically targeting clients in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe
  • Maintain and expand our client’s team of 6 supply traders
  • Enhance our client’s supply and port network strategically to gain a competitive edge in financial performance, optimizing cost-effectiveness and securing advantageous financial positions in marine fuel trading.
  • Keep abreast of worldwide marine fuel market trends, fluctuations in prices, and advancements in the industry, offering insightful analysis and strategic counsel to drive market penetration and expansion.

Key Qualifications / Experience

  •  Boast a minimum of ten years of experience in bunker fuel supply trading, emphasizing a strong focus on optimizing supply chain operations and enhancing logistical efficiencies.
  •  Maintain a robust and adaptable customer portfolio within the marine cargo fuel sector, demonstrating proficiency in managing and expanding supply relationships to meet evolving market demands.
  •  Cultivate an extensive network of industry contacts within the bunker fuels sector, particularly emphasizing connections relevant to supply chain management and marine fuel / cargo trading.
  •  Possess a proven history of driving supply-focused initiatives within marine fuel or cargo   trading environments, showcasing expertise in navigating complex logistical challenges and ensuring seamless supply chain operations.
  •  Excel in the dynamic and demanding environment of supply-focused trading and shipping,   demonstrating resilience and resourcefulness in achieving supply chain objectives.

If you match the job description and are keen on applying for this role; please send us a copy of your resume/cover letter to  or submit your application through the Vacancy Form.




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