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Matt Crawford

Matt is a dedicated and hardworking consultant focused on the commodities market. When not relationship managing between clients and candidates, he’ll be seeking out the next opportunity for the pipeline. Given the level of hard work he exhibits in the office it’s only natural he’d want to play hard outside of it too. On weekends, […]

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Rebecca Greig

When out of the office Rebecca can be found watching crime documentaries, winning pub quizzes or on her way to a city break in Europe. At Redstone there is no search she can’t run to find the right candidate – she will find you and she will recruit you.

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Matt Hill

As an outside centre Matt is always where the action is and this is as true for our clients as it is on the pitch! Matt relentlessly sees out any and all retained and exclusive mandates for our commodities clients. Matt has travelled much of the world and loves to absorb local culture, especially when

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Catarina Celorico

Catarina is our resident ray of sunshine; colleague, candidate, or client she will always greet you with a wave of positivity and unwavering optimism. Whilst she is completely untrustworthy around anything electronic, she is a dedicated and commensurate professional who will always put client and candidate needs front and centre of her day. She is

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Ross Godwin

Ross works with a variety of clients across the energy spectrum with a more specific focus on crude and distillates. He is an avid cinema goer and BBQ enthusiast, he is also the offices resident expert on the Texas Two-Step! Specialist Skill: Ross can cook 60 second rice in 58 seconds.

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Kian Bell

Kian is a fan of the big hits and can often be found at full back on the rugby pitch running rings around the opposition. He loves to travel and immerse himself in local cultures often straying from the beaten path and climbing the most difficult routes he can find. Recruitment wise he is all

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